The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

BEV type WR5 "Baby Jane"
Wheal Jayne 19

This diminutive loco was on of a batch supplied to the Wheal Jayne mine in Cornwall in 1984-6. It is designed to go down the mine shaft in one piece (the cab hinges up so it can fit into the lift cage) unlike the Ruston and Hudswell mines diesels which had to be at least partially dismantled to get them into the mine.

Locomotive Specifications
Built - 1984/1986
Power - 5HP
Motor - 48volt
Battery - 292/329 amp/hrs
Max Speed - 3.1MPH

The loco was declared surplus to requirements in early 1995 so it was purchased by a member of the association and arrived on site on 31st July 1995.

A certain amount of overhaul work has been carried out and the missing parts obtained. A battery pack is to be acquired and once this has been fitted the loco will be able to run, and it will look well with our rake of ex-Pentrich Colliery tubs.

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